The National Chautauqua Short Course Program


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1 Changing Science Courses to Promote Critical Thinking
CRAIG E. NELSON, Department of Biology, Indiana University
April 7-9, 1999 in Dayton, OH
2 Teaching Creative Thinking to Enhance Critical Thinking
SIDNEY J. PARNES, Buffalo State University College
July 29-31, 1999 in Memphis, TN
3 Cognition and Teaching, Part I
RUTH S. DAY, Duke University
May 12-14, 1999 in Durham, NC
4 Constructive Processes in Learning and Teaching
DIANE L. SCHALLERT, The University of Texas at Austin
May 17-19, 1999 in Austin, TX
5 Improving College Teaching Using an Interactive, Compensatory Model of Learning
GREGORY J. SCHRAW and DAVID W. BROOKS, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
March 1-April 23, 1999
6 Enhancing Student Success Through a Model "Introduction to Engineering" Course
RAYMOND B. LANDIS, California State University, Los Angeles and EDWARD N. PRATHER, University of Cincinnati
March 11-13, 1999 in Los Angeles, CA
May 17-19, 1999 in Pittsburgh, PA
7 Providing First Year Engineering Students with a Successful Introduction Course in Design
THOMAS M. REGAN and JAMES W. DALLY, University of Maryland, College Park
June 24-26, 1999 in Memphis, TN
8 Introduction to Analog Monolithic-Circuit Design
June 3-5, 1999 in College Station, TX
9 Retaining Minority Students in the Engineering, Mathematical and Natural Sciences Educational Pipeline: Pre-College Through Graduate Degrees
MELVIN R. WEBB, Clark Atlanta University University, GA
May 19-21, 1999 in Atlanta, GA
10 Technology Solutions for the Multicultural Classroom
NANCY J. ALLEN and PAUL RESTA, University of Texas, Austin
February 12-14, 1999 in Austin, TX
11 Increasing the Retention of Under-Represented Groups—And the Learning of All Groups—In Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology Courses
CRAIG E. NELSON, Indiana University
April 28-30, 1999 in Dayton, OH
12 Women and Minorities in the Sciences: A History of the Past and Strategies for the Future
NINA ROSCHER, American University and CATHERINE DIDION, Association for Women in Science
June 3-5, 1999 in Washington, D.C.
13 Teaching Data Interpretation Using Spreadsheets and the Internet
DEBORAH HUGHES HALLETT, University of Arizona and ERIC CONNALLY, Wellesley College
May 8-10, 1999 in Tucson, AZ
14 Problem Solving Through Recreational Mathematics
ORIN N. CHEIN, Temple University
March 8-10, 1999 in Philadelphia, PA
15 A Modeling Approach to Precalculus
April 9-11, 1999 in Tucson, AZ
16 Making Calculus Meaningful to Students in Life Sciences, Business and Economics
PATTI FRAZER LOCK, St. Lawrence University
June 3-5, 1999 in Memphis, TN
17 Multivariable Calculus: A Science and Engineering Approach
WILLIAM G. McCALLUM and STEVEN L. DVORAK, University of Arizona
April 16-18, 1999 in Tucson, AZ
18 Statistics: An Indispensable Tool for Decision Making in the Modern World
RICHARD L. SCHEAFFER, University of Florida, Gainesville
June 10-12, 1999 in Memphis, TN
19 Computer-Intensive Simulation: Bootstrapping and Approximate Randomization in the Elementary Statistics Course
PAUL ALPER, ROBERT L. RAYMOND, University of St. Thomas, and PETER C. BRUCE, University of Maryland
May 24-26, 1999 in St. Paul, MN
20 Teaching Dynamical Systems Across the Curriculum
ROBERT L. DEVANEY, Boston University
June 7-9, 1999 in Boston, MA
21 The Mathematics of Cryptology
ROBERT EDWARD LEWAND, Goucher College, Baltimore, Maryland
July 11-13, 1999 in Baltimore, MD
22 Teaching College Science Using Multimedia and Mathematics
ROBERT G. FULLER, STEVEN R. DUNBAR and VICKI PLANO CLARK, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
March 18-20, 1999 in Lincoln, NB
23 The Studio Approach to Student-Centered Science, Mathematics and Engineering Instruction
KAREN CUMMINGS, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
May 20-22, 1999 in Troy, NY
24 Simulation and Visualization: Cross-Disciplinary Uses
CRAIG HENRIQUEZ, Duke University
May 20-22, 1999 in Durham, NC
25 Teaching Science, Engineering, and Mathematics in a Distributed Multimedia Learning Environment
JACK M. WILSON, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
May 24-25, 1999 in Pittsburgh, PA, Troy, NY
Note: Course shortened to 2 days
26 Science in Cinema: Teaching Science Fact Through Science Fiction Films
LEROY W. DUBECK, Temple University and SUZANNE E. MOSHIER, University of Nebraska at Omaha
March 11-13, 1999 in Philadelphia, PA
27 Promoting Active Learning in Introductory Physics Courses: I and II
PRISCILLA W. LAWS, Dickinson College, DAVID R. SOKOLOFF, Univ. of Oregon, and RONALD K. THORNTON, Tufts University
June 3-5, 1999 (I) in Carlisle, PA (closed)
June 17-19, 1999 (II) in Eugene, OR
28 Widely Applied Physics
JOHN M. DOYLE, Harvard University
June 12-13, 1999 in Cambridge, MA
29 Physics Demonstrations Using Simple Apparatus
D. RAE CARPENTER, JR. and RICHARD B. MINNIX, Virginia Military Institute
July 12-14, 1999 in Lexington, VA
30 Teaching Introductory Astronomy
GARETH WYNN-WILLIAMS, University of Hawaii
June 1-3, 1999 in Green Bank, WV
31 A Radio View of the Universe and the New Green Bank Telescope
FELIX J. LOCKMAN and STAFF, National Radio Astronomy Observatory
June 4-6, 1999 in Green Bank, WV
32 Interferometry in Radio Astronomy, the VLA and the VLBA
MILLER GOSS and STAFF, National Radio Astronomy Observatory
August 4-6, 1999 in and near Socorro, NM
33 Cosmology at the Millennium!
June 14-16, 1999 in Chicago, IL
34 Archaeoastronomy in Mayan Belize
R. ROBERT ROBBINS, The University of Texas at Austin
March 17-20, 1999 in Belize
35 The Geology of Puerto Rico: History of an Island Arc Terrane
JOHANNES H. SCHELLEKENS, University of Puerto Rico
April 27–30, 1999 in Mayagüez, PR
36 Tectonics and Seismicity of Santa Catalina Island and Coastal Southern California: Sea and Land Field Studies
DAN FRANCIS, California State University, Long Beach
June 3-5, 1999 at Santa Catalina Island, CA
37 Hawaiian Volcanoes from Mauna Kea to Loihi
ALEXANDER MALAHOFF, University of Hawaii
July 19-23, 1999 in Honolulu & on the Big Island, HI
38 Glaciers in Alaska
KRISTINE J. CROSSEN, University of Alaska Anchorage
July 7-9, 1999 in and near Anchorage, AK
39 Chemistry for Nonscience Majors: The American Chemical Society’s New Curriculum - Chemistry in Context
WILMER STRATTON, Earlham College, CONRAD STANITSKI, University of Central Arkansas and CATHY MIDDLECAMP, University of Wisconsin-Madison
June 2-4, 1999 in Pittsburgh, PA
40 Workshop Chemistry Project: Peer-Led Team Learning
PRATIBHA VARMA-NELSON, St. Xavier University, DAVID GOSSER, CCNY, JACK KAMPMEIER and VICKI ROTH, Univ. of Rochester, & VICTOR STROZAK, New York City Tech. Coll.
June 10-12, 1999 in Philadelphia, PA
41 Synthetic Organic Chemistry - Modern Methods and Strategy
PAUL HELQUIST, Notre Dame University
June 20-22, 1999 in Memphis, TN
42 Promoting Active Learning in Introductory Biology Courses
JOHN M. DEARN, University of Canberra, Australia
June 17-19, 1999 in Austin, TX
43 Quantitative Life Science Education: Preparing Fearless Biologists
LOUIS J. GROSS, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
June 17-19, 1999 in Memphis, TN
44 Designing and Running Investigative Laboratories
JOSEPH E. ARMSTRONG, Illinois State University, MARSHALL SUNDBERG, Emporia State Univ., Kansas, & LINDA L. RAMSEY, Louisiana Tech University
March 3-5, 1999 in Río Piedras, Puerto Rico
45 Molecular Medical Microbiology Pathogenesis, Diagnosis and Molecular Typing
SUZANNE S. BARTH, Texas Department of Health and University of Texas at Austin
May 19-21, 1999 in Atlanta, GA
46 Biotechnology for Interdisciplinary Science
JACK G. CHIRIKJIAN, Georgetown University, EDWARD KISAILUS, Canisius College and KAREN M. GRAF, EDVOTEK, Inc.
June 3-5, 1999 in DeKalb, Illinois
47 Biotechnology Theory and Practice for the 21st Century
JACK G. CHIRIKJIAN, Georgetown University and KAREN M. GRAF, EDVOTEK, Inc.
June 7-9, 1999 in DeKalb, Illinois
48 Invertebrates as Models for the Human Nervous System
KRISTIN KRAUSE, Saint Thomas Aquinas College, JACK G. CHIRIKJIAN, Georgetown University and KAREN M. GRAF, EDVOTEK, Inc.
June 10-12 1999, in DeKalb, Illinois
49 Psychoactive Drugs and the Molecular Biology of the Neuron
DAVID DRESSLER, Harvard Medical School
July 15-17, 1999 in Cambridge, MA
50 Conservation Biology Considered
DAN PERLMAN, Harvard University
June 2-4, 1999 in Cambridge, MA
51 The Loss of the World’s Marine Biodiversity
JERRY R. SCHUBEL, New England Aquarium
May 6-8, 1999 at the New England Aquarium, Boston, MA
52 Using Science to Solve Crimes
PAULETTE SUTTON, STEVEN A SYMES, and CYNTHIA GARDNER, University of Tennessee, Memphis
June 13-15, 1999 in Memphis, TN
53 Advanced Forensic Science
PAULETTE SUTTON, STEVEN A SYMES, and CYNTHIA GARDNER, University of Tennessee, Memphis
June 17-19, 1999 in Memphis, TN
54 Principles of Modern Immunology
RICHARD A. GOLDSBY, Amherst College
June 24-26, 1999 in Cambridge, MA
55 Dinosaur Excavation in Big Bend National Park, Texas
HOMER MONTGOMERY, University of Texas, Dallas
February 24-28, 1999 in Big Bend National Park, TX
56 New Approaches to Dinosaur Biology and Bird Origins
CATHERINE A. FORSTER. State University of New York at Stony Brook
May 17-19, 1999 in Stony Brook, L.I., NY
57 Ecology of the Rockies
MICHAEL W. MONAHAN, University of Denver and P. KELLY WILLIAMS, University of Dayton
July 24-29, 1999 near Denver, CO
58 The Ecology of the Klamath Mountains Bioregion in Northern California and Southern Oregon: A Region of Ancient Forests
CLAUDE CURRAN and JOHN MAIRS, Southern Oregon State College
June 16-19, 1999 in Ashland, OR
59 Ecology of South-Central Alaska
July 3-5, 1999 in and near Anchorage, AK
60 Ecology of Marine Mammals in Monterey Bay, California
JAMES T. HARVEY, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories
August 17-20, 1999 in Monterey Bay, CA
Note change in the date!
61 Exploring a Barrier Island System
RICK TINNIN, University of Texas at Austin Marine Science Institute
May 20-22, 1999 near Corpus Christi, TX
62 The Ecology of Subtropical Marine Environments
MICHAEL S. FOSTER, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, RAFAEL RIOSMENA-RODRIGUEZ and HECTOR REYES-BONILLA, Univ. Autonoma de Baja California Sur (UABCS), La Paz, BCS, Mexico
June 17-20, 1999 in La Paz, Baja Calif. Sur, Mexico
63 Tropical Forests in Costa Rica
BARBARA BENTLEY, University of Utah
April 20-24, 1999 in Costa Rica
64 Vegetative Identification of Woody Plant Families
ROGER SANDERS, Botanical Research Institute of Texas
June 6-9, 1999 in Forth Worth, TX
65 Census 2000: A Resource for Undergraduate Teaching and Research
DUDLEY L. POSTON, JR., Texas A&M University
March 17-19, 1999 in Orlando, FL
66 Single Mothers, Absent Fathers and Poverty Policy
KATHRYN EDIN, University of Pennsylvania
May 20-22, 1999 in Philadelphia, PA
67 How and Why We Age
LEONARD HAYFLICK, University of California, San Francisco
April 8-10, 1999 in Philadelphia, PA
68 The Economics of Health Care
DAVID M. CUTLER, Harvard University
May 24-26, 1999 in Cambridge, MA
69 Achieving Peace and Stability in the Persian Gulf: A Middle Eastern Perspective
SEYED KAZEM SAJJADPOUR, Institute of Political and International Studies and LESTER G. PALDY, State University of New York
April 15-17, 1999 in New York City
70 Nuclear Proliferation
MARK SAKITT, Brookhaven National Laboratory
March 25-27, 1999 at Brookhaven in Upton, L.I., NY
71 Watching the Television News: An Exercise in Political Science
MATHEW ROBERT KERBEL, Villanova University
June 14-16, 1999 in Philadelphia, PA
72 Geographic Information Systems and the Urban Environment
RICHARD P. GREENE, Northern Illinois University
May 20-22, 1999, in DeKalb, Illinois
73 Implementation of Advanced Computer Technology (CAD/CAM/CNC/CIM including Pro/ENGINEER) as used in Undergraduate Education
GREG E. MAKSI, State Technical Institute and PAUL SHIUE, Christian Brothers University
June 6-8, 1999 in Memphis, TN
74 Creating Multimedia and Internet Courseware using ToolBook II Instructor
BERNARD E. MOHR, The City University of New York
March 24-26, 1999 in Cayey, Puerto Rico
75 Hyper-Media Educational Delivery: Web v. CD-ROM Based Solutions
JOHN E. BLANK, Cleveland State University
May 26-28, 1999 in Dayton, OH
76 Creating Course Materials for the World Wide Web
MIN LIU, The University of Texas at Austin
May 27-29, 1999 in Austin, TX
77 Building WWW-Sites to Support Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Courses
DAVID W. BROOKS, University of Nebraska, Lincoln and HELEN B. BROOKS, Synaps, Lincoln, Nebraska
March 18-20, 1999 in Lincoln, NE
78 Advanced Guide to the Internet and Web Publishing
WAYNE C. SUMMERS, New Mexico Highlands Univ.
May 12-14, 1999 in Dayton, OH
79 Web-Based Instruction: Developing Materials For Your Own Course
JAMES LOCKARD, Northern Illinois University
May 17-19, 1999 in DeKalb, IL
80 Web Programming
WAYNE C. SUMMERS, New Mexico Highlands Univ.
May 16-18, 1999 in Dayton, OH
81 Introduction to Perl and CGI Programming
JAMES PEREGRINO, Harvard University
June 3-5, 1999 in Cambridge, MA
82 Introduction to Visual Basic Programming
JUDITH L. GERSTING, University of Hawaii at Hilo
May 26-28, 1999 in Dayton, OH
83 Object Oriented Programming with C++ and Java
JOSEPH E. LANG, University of Dayton
May 19-21, 1999 in Dayton, OH
A Empire of Light
SID PERKOWITZ, Emory University and RALPH DAVIS, Albion College
April 15-17, 1999, in Austin, TX
B A NASA/JPL View of Our Solar System
GILBERT YANOW, NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology
August 10-13, 1999 in Pasadena, CA
C C3P: Implementing a Research-Based Introductory Physics Course
RICHARD OLENICK, University of Dallas, CARL ROTTER, West Virginia University and TED VIOLETT, Western State College
June 17-19, 1999 in Gunnison, CO