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2005 Faculty Development Program


2005 Course Schedule

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1 Teaching Creative Problem Solving
SIDNEY PARNES, Buffalo State College College, Creative Problem Solving Institute and BEATRICE PARNES, San Diego College
July 7-9, 2005
Seattle, WA
2 Changing Science Courses to Promote Critical Thinking
CRAIG E. NELSON, Indiana University
May 2-4, 2005
Dayton, OH
3 Calibrated Peer Review: A Writing and Critical Thinking Instructional Tool
ARLENE RUSSELL, UCLA and TIM SU, City College of San Francisco
June 22-24, 2005
Los Angeles, CA
4 The POGIL Classroom: Engaging Students and Developing Learning Skills
June 6-8, 2005
Stony Brook, NY
5 Advanced POGIL Workshop: Writing Materials and Improving Classroom Facilitation
RICK MOOG, Franklin & Marshall College, ANDREI STRAUMANIS, College of Charleston, and RENEE COLE, Central Missouri State University
May 19-21, 2005
Allendale, MI
6 Inquiry Based Instruction: Enhance the Way You Teach and the Way Your Students Learn
THOMAS LORD, Indiana University of PA, TEDDIE PHILLIPSON-MOWER, Indiana University, SHAROLYN BELZER, Idaho State University, KERRY CHEESMAN, Capital University and KELLY BOHRER, University of Dayton
June 6-8, 2005
Dayton, OH
7 Classroom Management: How to Teach Like a Pro
DELANEY KIRK, Drake University
June 2-4, 2005
New York City, NYC
July 14-16, 2005
Seattle, WA
August 11-13, 2005
Des Moines, IA
8 Using Case Studies to Teach Science--A Workshop
CLYDE FREEMAN HERREID, University of Buffalo/SUNY, National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science
June 23-25, 2005
Midtown Manhattan, NY (CLOSED)
August 1-3, 2005
Austin, TX
9 Investigative CASES: Contexts for Active Students Engaged in Science
ETHEL STANLEY, BioQUEST and Beloit College and MARGARET WATERMAN, Southeast Missouri State University
May 22-24, 2005
Allendale, MI
10 The Five Biggest Unsolved Problems in Science: An Interdisciplinary Perspective
CHARLES M. WYNN, SR., Eastern Connecticut State University and ARTHUR W. WIGGINS, Oakland (Michigan) Community College
June 1-3, 2005
Austin, TX
11 Peer-Led Team Learning
PRATIBHA VARMA-NELSON, Northeastern Illinois University, MARK CRACOLICE, The University of Montana and DON WINK, University of Illinois at Chicago
May 23-25, 2005
Fullerton, CA
June 20-21, 2005
Chicgo, IL
12 Alternative Energy and Energy Management
GILBERT YANOW, NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory
May 31 - June 3, 2005
Diamond Bar, CA
13 Mechatronic System Design: Integrating Mechanical, Electrical, Control, and Computer Engineering
KEVIN C. CRAIG, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
June 15-17, 2005
Troy, NY
14 Nanotechnology and Nanostructured Materials and Devices
R.W. SIEGEL, P.M. AJAYAN, J. DORDICK, S. GARDE, P. KEBLINSKI, L.S. SCHADLER, and F. SCHUBERT, Rensselaer Nanotechnology Center, Rensselaer polytechnic Institute
June 13-14, 2005
Troy, NY
15 Increasing the Retention of Under-Represented Groups--And the Learning of All Groups--In Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology Courses
CRAIG E. NELSON, Indiana University and ROBERT GROSSMAN, Kalamazoo College
April 20-22, 2005
Dayton, OH
16 Women and Minorities in the Sciences: How Faculty Can Make a Difference
CATHERINE DIDION, International Network of Women Engineers & Scientist & JAMES H. STITH American Institute of Physics
June 16-18, 2005
Washington, DC
17 Pedagogy and Methodology of using Maple in the Classroom
ROBERT LOPEZ, Maplesoft, Inc.
June 13-15, 2005
18 Abandoning Dead Ends: Presenting the Heart of Mathematics to All Students
May 24-26, 2005
Austin, TX
19 Teaching A Course in Combinatorial Mathematical Games
MORTON BROWN, University of Michigan
June 16-18, 2005
Midtown Manhattan, NY
20 Introduction to Molecular Cell Biology for Mathematicians
JOHN TYSON, Virginia Technical Institute
June 26 - July 16, 2005
Park City, UT
21 The Mathematics of Phylogenetic Trees
ELIZABETH S. ALLMAN, University of Southern Maine and JOHN A. RHODES, Bates College
June 26 - July 16, 2005
Park City, UT
22 Statistics in Action: An Activity-Based Approach to Teaching Statistical Concepts
RICHARD L. SCHEAFFER, University of Florida, Gainesville
June 9-11, 2005
Philadelphia, PA
23 Cryptology and the Breaking of the Axis Codes During WWII at Bletchley Park, England
ROBERT E. LEWAND, Goucher College and FRANK CARTER and JOHN HARPER (Bletchley Park Trust)
August 2-5, 2005
Milton Keynes, England
24 Ancient Maya Mathematics in the Ruins of Quintana Roo, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
ED BARNHART, Maya Exploration Center
June 30 - July 6, 2005
25 Promoting Active Learning in Introductory Courses Using the Physics Suite: I and II
PRISCILLA W. LAWS, Dickinson College, DAVID R. SOKOLOFF, University of Oregon, and RONALD K. THORNTON, Tufts University
June 2-4, 2005 (I)
Carlisle, PA
June 16-18, 2005 (II)
Eugene, OR
26 Archaeoastronomy in the Maya Ruins of Chiapas, Mexico: Palenque, Bonampak, Yaxchiian, and La Venta Park
June 17-23, 2005
27 Learner-Centered Introductory Astronomy Teaching
TIMOTHY SLATER and EDWARD PRATHER, University of Arizona
May 21-22, 2005
New Orleans, LA
28 Methods of Astronomy
MARY KAY HEMENWAY, University of Texas at Austin
May 31 - June 4, 2005
Austin, TX
29 Teaching Introductory Astronomy
May 26-28, 2005
Green Bank, WV
30 Radio Astronomy in the Undergraduate Classroom
PREETHI PRATAP and the MIT Haystack Observatory Staff
May 24-26, 2005
Cambridge, MA
31 A Radio View of the Universe and the New Green Bank Telescope
PHILIP JEWELL and STAFF, National Radio Astronomy Observatory
May 23-25, 2005
Green Bank, WV
32 Interferometry in Radio Astronomy, the VLA and VLBA
DAVID G. FINLEY and STAFF, National Radio Astronomy Observatory
July 13-15, 2005
Socorro, NM
33 Combined Astronomy: Teaching Astronomy Under Hawaiian Skies and the Great Observatories of Mauna Kea
EDWARD PRATHER and TIM SLATER, University of Arizona, GILBERT YANOW, NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory
June 20-23, 2005
Kona, HI
34 Exploring the Extragalactic Universe
ANDREW WEST and JULIANNE DALCANTON, University of Washington
July 7-9, 2005
Seattle, WA
35 Aurora Borealis and Other Arctic Phenomena
JOHN KELLEY, VIKAS SONWALKAR, University of Alaska Fairbanks and GILBERT YANOW, NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory
March 15-18, 2005
Fairbanks, AK
36 Volcano Monitoring at Mount St. Helens: 1980-2005
TONY IRVING and BILL STEELE, University of Washington
July 15-18, 2005
Southwestern and Seattle, WA
37 Pacific Northwest Earthquakes: Evidence in Native Myth and Tradition
RUTH LUDWIN, University of Washington
July 28-31, 2005
Northwestern and Seattle, WA
38 Volcanism and Volcanic Hazards in the Southern Cascades: Mount Shasta and the Medicine Lake Volcano
BILL HIRT, College of the Siskiyous
July 25-28, 2005
Weed, CA
39 Hawaiian Volcanoes from Mauna Kea to Loihi
ALEXANDER MALAHOFF, University of Hawaii
July 25-29, 2005
Honolulu and Big Island, HI
40 Earthquakes and Tsunamis: Alaska 9.2
June 15-17, 2005
Anchorage, AK
41 Marscape: The Geology of the Channeled Scablands
TONY IRVING, University of Washington
June 24-27, 2005
Central and Wenatchee, WA
42 Cosmic Collisions with Earth: Chicxulub, Meteor Crater and More
June 18-20, 2005
Meteor Crater and Flagstaff, AZ
43 The Science of the Earth System as Told at the American Museum of Natural History
EDMOND MATHEZ and JAMES WEBSTER, American Museum of Natural History
June 28-30, 2005
American Museum, NY
44 Geology and Thermobiology in Yellowstone National Park
TONY IRVING, University of Washington and SCOTT MILLER, University of Montana
July 21-24, 2005
Yellowstone National Park, WY and Bozeman, MT
45 Glaciers in Alaska
June 19-21, 2005
Anchorage, AK
46 Astrobiology: Life and Death on Planets
DONALD BROWNLEE and PETER WARD, University of Washington
July 11-13, 2005
Seattle, WA
47 Teaching Astronomy and Astrobiology From a Learner-Centered Perspective
July 6-8, 2005
Bozeman, MT
48 Promoting Active Learning in Real-World Contexts in General Chemistry
BROCK SPENCER, Beloit College, SANDRA LAURSEN, University of Colorado, Boulder, JOANNE STEWART, Hope College, HEATHER MERNITZ, Tufts University, and EILEEN LEWIS, University of California, Berkeley
June 5-7, 2005
Berkeley, CA
June 16-18, 2005
Allendale, MI
49 Chemistry for Non-Science Majors: The American Chemical Society's Curriculum: Chemistry in Context
CONRAD STANITSKI, University of Central Arkansas and CATHY MIDDLECAMP, University of Wisconsin, Madison
May 17-19, 2005
Cambridge, MA
50 Bridging the Gap Between Undergraduate Science and Health Professions: Application of Basic Chemical and Biological Principles to Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology
ELMER GENTRY and EDWARD FISHER, Midwestern University, College of Pharmacy-Glendale, Arizona
July 28-30, 2005
Seattle, WA
51 Practical Considerations for Developing Science Process Skills in the Biological Sciences: Providing a Foundation for Inquiry
WILLIAM J. STRAITS, Appalachian State University and R. RUSSELL WILKE, Angelo State University
July 14-16, 2005
Austin, TX
52 Circadian Biology: From Clock Genes and Cellular Rhythms to Sleep Regulation
May 11-13, 2005
Cambridge, MA
53 Plant Molecular Genetics, Genomics, and Bioinformatics
UWE HILGERT, CRAIG HINKLEY, TOM BUBULYA, and JEANETTE COLLETTE, Dolan DNA Learning Center of Cold Spring Harbor Labratory
June 20-24, 2005
San Jose, CA (CLOSED)
August 1-5, 2005
Ithaca, NY (CLOSED)
August 8-12, 2005
Blacksburg, VA(CLOSED)
54 Psychoactive Drugs and the Molecular Biology of the Neuron
DAVID DRESSLER, Oxford University
July 14-16, 2005
Cambridge, MA
55 A Hands-On Tour Through the World of Bioinformatics
LINNEA FLETCHER, Austin Community College and SANDRA G. PORTER, Geospiza, Inc.
June 9-11, 2005
Austin, TX
56 Bioinformatics Education Dissemination: Reaching Out, Connecting, and Knitting-Together
JOHN R. JUNGCK and SAM DONOVAN, BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium at Beloit
May 23-25, 2005
Austin, TX
July 6-8, 2005
Allendale, MI
57 New Directions in Bioinformatics and Biotechnology Workshop
July 13-15, 2005
Troy, NY
58 Studying Evolution with Bioinformatics
LINNEA FLETCHER, Austin Community College and SANDRA G. PORTER, Geospiza, Inc.
June 13-15, 2005
Austin, TX
59 The Molecular Basis of Disease
DAVID DRESSLER, Oxford University
March 30 - April 1, 2005
Orlando, FL
60 Teaching Histories of Medicine and Healing in China
LINDA BARNES, Boston University and TJ HINRICHS, Boston College
June 17-19, 2005
Cambridge, MA
61 Effective Teaching Methods for Biology and Environmental Studies
DAN PERLMAN, Brandeis University
May 25-27, 2005
Cambridge, MA
62 Increasing Student Interest in the Sciences by Introducing Forensic Science into the College Classroom
EDWARD B. WALDRIP and HUGH BERRYMAN, Southern Institute of Forensic Science, Mississippi and the Regional Forensic Center, Tennessee
June 20-22, 2005
Philadelphia, PA
63 The Application of Forensic Anthropology and Forensic Pathology to Stimulate Student Interest in the Sciences
EDWARD B. WALDRIP and HUGH BERRYMAN, Southern Institute of Forensic Science, Mississippi and the Regional Forensic Center, Memphis, TN
June 23-25, 2005
Philadelphia, PA
64 Epidemiology: Molecular Methods for Subtyping Bacterial Microorganisms: Procedures at Texas Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control
SUZANNE S. BARTH, Texas Department of Health and University of Texas at Austin
June 9-11, 2005
Atlanta, GA
65 Evolution Education: A Delicate Balance Between Science, Controversy, and Pedagogy
GREGORY A. FORBES, Evolution Education Institute
May 5-7, 2005
Dayton, OH
66 Estuarine Science and Oceanography in the San Juan Islands
JAN NEWTON, Washington State Department of Ecology and University of Washington
June 20-23, 2005
Orcas Island, WA
67 Life Beneath the Surface, Monitoring the Health of Monteray Bay
RITA BELL, Monterey Bay Aquarium
August 15-17, 2005
Monterey, CA
68 Geology and Ecology of the Colorado Western Slope
DONALD SULLIVAN, University of Denver and P. KELLY WILLIAMS, University of Dayton
June 5-9, 2005
Grand Junction, CO
69 Ecology of Mammals of the Adirondack Mountains
JOSEPH F. MERRITT, US Air Force Academy and WILLIAM P. PORTER, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
July 31 - August 5, 2005
Adirondack Mountains, NY
70 Field Techniques in Animal Behavior
LESLIE DIGBY, Duke University
May 11-13, 2005
Durham, NC
71 Environmental Conservation and Economic Development in Uganda: Synergies and Tensions
June 26-30, 2005
Uganda, Africa
72 Maya Ethnobotany in the Lowlands and Highlands of Chiapas, Mexico
ED BARNHART, Maya Exploration Center
August 9-13, 2005
73 Geomorphology, Environment and Sustainable Development of Tropical Islands: The Puerto Rico Case
JOSE MOLLINELLI, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras
December 7-10, 2005
San Juan, PR
74 The Florida Everglades: An Ecological and Cultural Treasure
JIM WYSONG, Hillsborough Community College and KEN THOMAS, Northern Essex Community College
March 29-31, 2005
Florida Everglades
75 The Florida Keys: A Geographical and Environmental Overview
JIM WYSONG, Hillsborough Community College and KEN THOMAS, Norther Essex Community College
April 1-3, 2005
Florida Keys
76 Earth System, Changing Global Climate, Hurricanes and Extreme Weather
RICHARD GAMMON, University of Washington
August 1-3, 2005
Seattle, WA
77 Hawaiian Marine Communities
P. KELLY WILLIAMS, University of Dayton and KIMBERLY SANDER SMITH, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
July 20-23, 2005
Maui, HI
78 Marine Ecosystems of Belize
LAURENCE MEISSNER, Concordia University
January 3-7, 2006
79 The Ecology and History of the Mojave Desert Region
MICHAEL BONDELLO, Allan Hancock College and ROBERT FULTON, Desert Studies Center
May 27-31, 2005
Baker, CA
80 Ecology of South-Central Alaska
June 22-24, 2005
Anchorage, AK
81 Energy Development in the Arctic
JOHN KELLEY, University of Alaska Fairbanks and GILBERT YANOW, NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory
June 8-10, 2005
Anchorage, AK
82 Tropical Forests of Costa Rica
BARBARA L. BENTLEY, Noetica Naturalists
July 13-18, 2005
(extension July 19-21)

Costa Rica
83 Alaska Native Cultures of Southeast Alaska
PRISCILLA SCHULTE, University of Alaska Southeast-Ketchikan
May 23-26, 2005
Ketchikan, AK
84 Genius
RALPH DAVIS, Albion College and PHILLIP SCHEWE, American Institute of Physics
May 19-21, 2005
Midtown Manhattan, NY
85 Galileo's Genius Viewed in Scientific, Artistic, Political, and Religious Contexts
May 26-30, 2005
Florence, Italy
86 The Portuguese Discoveries and Their Scientific, Political, Religious, and Artistic Impact
LUIS TINOCA, University of Lisbon and CARLOS OLIVEIRA, University of Texas at Austin
June 8-14, 2005
Lisbon, Portugal
87 Geographic Information Systems: Applications in the Social and Physical Sciences
RICHARD P. GREENE, Northern Illinois University
June 23-25, 2005
Austin, TX
88 Is A History of Science Possible?
ELOF AXEL CARLSON, Stony Brook University
June 9-11, 2005
Midtown Manhattan, NY
89 Science and Social Justice
June 27-29, 2005
Midtown Manhattan, NY
90 The Birthplace and Early History of the Atomic Bomb
FERENC M. SZASZ, University of New Mexico
Sept. 29 - Oct. 1, 2005
Albuquerque, NM
91 China Confronts New Security Issues
SU HAO, Foreign Affairs University, Beijing, People's Republic of China and BRETT MCCORMICK, Otterbein College
June 6-10, 2005
Beijing, PRC
92 Social Movements and Globalization
JACKIE SMITH, Stony Brook University
June 2-4, 2005
Midtown Manhattan, NY
93 Experimental Economics
August 10-12, 2005
Cambridge, MA
94 Bombs, Carrots and Sticks
GEORGE A. LOPEZ, University of Notre Dame
July 7-9, 2005
Midtown Manhattan, NY
95 American's Hidden Presence: Socioeconomic Class
MICHAEL ZWEIG, Stony Brook University
June 2-4, 2005
Midtown Manhattan, NY
96 An Introduction to LabVIEW and ELVIS
REX L. BERNEY and PETER E. POWERS, University of Dayton
May 16-18, 2005
Dayton, OH
97 Creating an Online Course
ROBERT TISINAI, University of Southern California
July 19-21, 2005
Los Angeles, CA
98 Designing Web-Based Learning Environments (E-Learning)
THOMAS T. LIAO and JOANNE ENGLISH DAY, Stony Brook University
June 23-25, 2005
Stony Brook, NY
99 Just-In-Time Teaching: Blending Active Learning with Web Technology
GREGOR NOVAK, EVELYN T. PATTERSON, United States Air Force Academy, JAMES BENEDICT, James Madison University, and KATHLEET MARRS, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
June 9-11, 2005
Harrisonburg, VA
100 Towards Developing Interactive Multimedia Materials for the Classroom: I and II
DON LEWIS MILLARD, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
July 20-22, 2005
Troy, NY
July 25-28, 2005
Troy, NY
101 Introduction to Visual Basic.NET Programming
JUDITH L. GERSTING, University of Hawaii at Hilo
June 2-4, 2005
Dayton, OH
102 Using Access, SQL Server, SQL, and XML in Your Database Course
JOHN GERSTING, University of Hawaii at Hilo
June 2-4, 2005
Dayton, OH
103 An Introduction to the Java Programming Language
JOSEPH E. LANG, University of Dayton
May 19-21, 2005
Dayton, OH
104 Advanced Java Programming Language
JOSEPH E. LANG, University of Dayton
June 6-8, 2005
Dayton, OH
105 Hands-On Networking
WAYNE C. SUMMERS, Columbus State University and REX L. BERNEY, University of Dayton
May 19-21, 2005
Dayton, OH
106 Introduction to Computer and Network Security
WAYNE C. SUMMERS, Columbus State University
May 23-25, 2005
Dayton, OH

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